Frequently Asked Questions

Partners Asset Token (PAT)

  • Tell us more about the partners?

    Partners Club is the participatory sustainable financing platform with proven business and investment program; Individuals, friends, families,, customers, supporters, and local community can buy an equity token directly into high performing projects presented by companies you care.

    The partners club enable social business raise more money, faster to advance their work at solving most critical problems facing emerging markets and also supports the SDGs helping good founders succeed.

  • What is an Partners Asset Token (PAT)?

    Partners Token is an asset backed equity plan that gives a purchaser the opportunity to own viable and specific digital asset classes of real projects at a pre-agreed coupon rate return of its purchase. While rate may differs for various class of assets, purchaser is able to review the rate on offer before commitment is made.

  • How does the digital asset purchase works at the partners club?

    Follow this link to learn more about our simple three (3) steps to making your purchase and its membership program,

  • How much token asset can I purchase?

    There are currently no cap to the amount of asset you can purchase today; a maximum of 1,000 tokens is allowed on our website. if you desire to make make some more, you must get in touch with the Admin to provide you further information about your purchase.

    Note: Crowd-sale purchasers are generally advised to limit their exposures to the nearest minimum by only committing to the extent possible you can loose. When in doubt, you may consult your financial adviser before making any commitment.

  • What is the minimum purchase amount?

    The partners have set a minimum of $4.0 per token across all the available blocks on the platform with 25 tokens at minimum for a first time backer. Subsequently, a token holder may choose to increase or purchase more assets at an incremental of 1 token.

  • What is the minimum subscription/purchase value?

    $100 is the minimum subscription value

  • What is the Return on purchase (ROP)/coupon rate on PAT?

    17% per annum; payable bi-annually to the purchaser (subject to change; check the particular block and asset information for specific)

  • What do I get when I purchase asset token?

    You get a Purchase certificate which is a security that gives you a financial interest in the block you purchased its asset. You may also be qualified for incentives, bonuses or perks from the social business or when you participate in the Club growth program by the partners membership program.

  • What is the target of the Sale by stages?

    Phase 1: 2,5m tokens; Phase 2: 6.2m tokens; Phase 3: 25m tokens; Phase 4: 500m tokens

  • What is the purpose of the Sale?

    The purpose of the Sale is to create a sustainable Capital that is catalytic to finance the critical infrastructural deficit in energy social enterprises.

  • How will I redeem/exit my purchase?

    Buyers and token holders can redeem their hold or certificate by transferring/ownership among members or sale at the intended secondary exchange market at the phase 2 stage of the sale.

  • What are the redemption options on accrued coupon/ROP?

    The accrued coupon is payable in stable coin of Green Coin (GC) to the buyer, or re-purchased into new Partners asset class listed blocks as consented by the buyer.

  • When is the coupon payable?

    Bi-annually (Every 6 Months)

  • What is the currency denominator of the Sale?

    Purchase is only available through the Green Coin (GC)
    (Partners work with third party card processor payment gateway however accepts all currencies - MasterCard, Crypto or VisaCard and Fiats - exchange rates are determined by the third-party card processor)

  • Can I purchase with any currency apart from the US Dollars?

    Yes, any currency is accepted and can be directly used to purchase the Partners token through the payment gateway.

  • What is the duration of the Sale?

    The Sale is open-ended being an Equity Token for the life of the asset (Up to 10 years Cap). There maybe however an early distribution event with an Initial public offering (IPO) - which ever come first

  • What is the payback duration of my purchase?

    No payback duration. Buyer is at liberty to exit or sell his or her hold token certificate to an interested third-party

  • Is my purchase exposed to the value of US Dollars at any point in time?

    No. The value and integrity of the Partners Green Coin (GC) or stable coin and purchase is protected and backed by real assets for every purchase. The value of coin will appreciate over time as demand for the asset increases by users.

  • Can I trade my purchase to a third party?

    Yes, after the six (6) months vesting period post-purchase into the second phase of sale; your certificate become unvested for the secondary trade.

  • Will the Partner buy my certificate when I want to sell/redeem?

    No. the partner is not under any obligation to buy token certificate from any purchaser. The Partners will only help advertise the buyers’ offer to sell on the Partners secondary exchange portal (when its available).

  • Who can buy the Partners Asset Token?

    Individual (children and adults); businesses; corporate; institutional buyers.

  • Do I need a broker before I buy?

    No. the partners asset sale is open to all remotely and online.

  • How do I subscribe to the Sale?

    Visit the Partners website, to create account and complete the asset purchase process.

  • Is token asset purchase risky?

    Yes, Social business asset purchase is generally very risky. See our full disclosure in the link here -

  • How can I communicate with the social enterprise I purchased its digital asset?

    The governance rule states that all communications relating to your crowd-sale purchase must be channeled through the Partners Club. All communication with respect to business information and your purchase will be made available through the standard links.

    Where a token purchaser also a user of the product or services provided the social enterprise; all related information to discounts, features, warranties and after sales support should be directed to the representative of the company as provide on their website.