OWS Classic Lekki02

Customer spends an average of $5,000 monthly to keep business running
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Lagos, Nigeria
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The OWS Block is a Commercial Bank RoofTop Solar fully deployed and located in Lagos State; Asset is already generating Cashflow. The Customer will not have to pay any Upfront CAPEX for setting up the System; Asset is fully pre-financed and Now available for Token purchaser

Prior to the deployment of OWS RoofTop, Customer spends an average of  $5,000 monthly to keep business running. The Grid power availability is less than 3-hours daily and heavily depend on dirty and expensive Diesel powered generator at a staggering cost of US$0.60 per KWh. 

The Total available Token is 1,000 OWT at $4.00 each with a Total Output Power of 23,000 KWp-h  Electricity per year. Customer will pay US$0.10 per KWp-h with a 24/7 supply for the Contract term of 10 Years (Forward Rental Agreement - FRA). The rate will never go up.

Purchaser will qualify to Earn a 17% Coupon Annually while holding its equivalent Token Equity of the amount Purchased for the life of the Asset (10-Years) - Coupon payment represent up to 80% rental income generated on each commited TPC block.

Asset is fully insured and performance guaranteed by OWS Technology Council (OTC)

Learn more about OneWattSolar and its business model here;


Name Amount Date
Adegok GC 400.00 May 17
Lilian GC 400.00 May 20
Adegok GC 320.00 May 25
Adegok GC 48.00 May 28
Adegok GC 80.00 Jun 03
Adegok GC 16.00 Jun 03
Adegok GC 800.00 Jun 19
Adegok GC 800.00 Jun 19
Oritse GC 400.00 Jun 20
ARINOL GC 400.00 Jul 06
JOHN GC 400.00 Jul 18
JOHN GC 464.00 Jul 18
Yetund GC 400.00 Jul 20
Aderon GC 16.00 Jul 22
MERCY GC 400.00 Jul 27
ESPERA GC 1,200.00 Jul 28
ESPERA GC 400.00 Jul 28
BARAKA GC 400.00 Jul 28
ABIMIB GC 400.00 Jul 28
AKOLAD GC 400.00 Jul 30
Adetut GC 400.00 Aug 02
SURAJU GC 48.00 Aug 04
ILEMOB GC 96.00 Aug 06
Kudi GC 400.00 Aug 13
Kudi GC 400.00 Aug 13
Afolab GC 32.00 Aug 13
AKOLAD GC 16.00 Aug 23
Olugbe GC 16.00 Aug 29
OGHENE GC 6,400.00 Aug 30
Lilian GC 48.00 Sep 01


Established: Jan 22, 2010

8 Habitat Close, Lekki 1, Lagos Nigeria

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OWS Classic Lekki02

Customer spends an average of $5,000 monthly to keep business running
0days left